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About Retro Fitness

Retro Fitness is a hometown gym dedicated to building a strong community within the four walls of the club while being a fabric of the community outside. All this is done while providing exceptional return on investment for our owners. Our fitness concept has been recognized as one of the nation’s top franchise opportunities by numerous publications, earning write-ups in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.

For consumers and members, Retro Fitness is an attractive fitness destination because of its inclusive community, state-of-the-art equipment, group fitness classes, personal training, Zen Den amenities like massage chairs, tanning, red light therapy, and the ability to bring a friend every time under the Ultimate Membership. It is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to improve their health in a nurturing environment inside the four walls of the gym as well as outside. Through our Mobile App, members have access to our exclusive video series which includes Retro Fitness Kitchen, Retro Fitness Nutrition, At Home Exercise Bike Cobra, and much more.

Retro Fitness provides franchisees an opportunity to make their community healthier and happier while also generating a significant return on investment. Thanks to memberships starting at $19.99 per month, owners enjoy immediate recurring revenue. Personalized training, the Smoothie Bar, and merchandise sales create additional profit centers all within the same club footprint. Simply put, we have more ways to make you money than any other High Value – Low Price sector Health and Fitness Clubs.

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What Are the Major Advantages of Being a Franchisee with Retro Fitness?

Retro Fitness has been serving our members for nearly 20 years. In that time, we’ve grown as one of the most respected Franchise systems with 175 locations open or in development. Our Franchisees know they can rely on the combination of our brand’s remarkable reputation and our established support system to help grow their business and deliver amazing customer service. Here are just a few of the many advantages of starting a Franchise with Retro Fitness.

We are more than a gym

If you invest in Retro Fitness, you are investing in more than just a gym. We believe that the fitness journey does not only happen in the gym. Because of that, we developed an app where members can access healthy cooking classes with Culinary Chefs, Retro Fitness Nutrition, Mental Health exercises with a world pronounced yogi guru, and at-home workouts through Retro Fitness COBRA. Retro Fitness values the well-being of our members and we are constantly working to improve the out-of-club experience. We strive to set our members up for a healthy lifestyle beyond the four walls of our club.

Brand Strength

Retro Fitness has established strong Brand Recognition and a reputation as a premier Franchise System.  As Retro Fitness continues to rapidly grow, our main priority is to drive revenue and profitability and continue to develop our Investors and Franchisees under one unified community.

Multiple Profit Centers

As a Franchise owner with Retro Fitness, you don’t have to worry about a shortage of products and services to offer your members. Retro Fitness Investors benefit from multiple profit centers inside one location, including Recurring Monthly Revenue, Smoothie Bar, Personal Training, Retail Shop, and At-Home Cycling.

Multiple Profit Centers

Retro Fitness investors benefit from multiple revenue streams compared to other Health and Fitness Clubs in the High Value Low Price segment. These streams help offset the rising minimum wage costs and additional cleaning costs to make Retro Fitness a unique opportunity for those seeking a powerful investment. Retro Fitness’ unique revenue streams include:

Monthly Revenue

Membership fees are paid monthly guaranteeing revenue from day one. Additionally, you can count on enrollment fees, annual fees as well as upsell opportunities inside your club.


A unique feature of Retro Fitness is the food and beverage footprint inside Retro Fitness clubs. Our revenue stream expands well beyond members, driving traffic to the club's doors daily You can find a world of products at the Smoothie Bar ranging from supplements, water, sports drinks, pre and post workout drinks, and healthy meal replacements.


Integrated with science and delivered with knowledge, a certified Personal Training Program will help create a one-on-one connection with members thereby bringing substantial revenue and a prolonged lifetime value of members.

Pro Shop

Our unique in-club offering includes a fitness store selling all kinds of fitness related retail items. Not limited to members, this drives traffic to the club and is another multi faceted revenue stream.

Strong Support System

Retro Fitness ensures you are not alone in owning & operating your business. Each Franchise is partnered with a Franchise Business Coach. These coaches will be accessible at any time and make weekly in-club visits. Our Franchise Business Coaches will set your Franchise up for success by helping in the day-to-day operations of your club and creating a quarterly business plan with the Franchisees.

Dedicated support services include:

  • Comprehensive assistance in site selection
  • Prototypical design and conceptual layout
  • Virtual and in-person training for franchisees and key managers
  • Initial management training and ongoing business consultation
  • Pre-sale support on how to best recruit and acquire members prior to the grand opening
  • Access to corporate management team for business review and performance analysis
  • Regular consultation visits
  • Dedicated marketing staff ready to assist with marketing and social media planning
  • Vendor partnerships and negotiated pricing assistance with major brands like Life Fitness®


  • Phase 1: Franchise Initial Training (FIT) Training

All new Franchisees undergo FIT (Franchisee Initial Training) A structured 5-day training program outlining all aspects of operating a Retro Fitness Franchise. Covering topics from construction to customer care and everything in-between. This training is conducted at the Retro Fitness Support Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

  • Phase 2: In-Club Experience

The five-day training is focused on store operations, technical systems, and an introduction to the business environment. This training is conducted on-site at an existing Retro Fitness location.

  • Phase 3: Retro University – Ongoing Training

Retro University is an online training program that is consistently updated with new courses and resources. A one-stop-shop for employee scripts, live webinar training and support, and monthly staff contests and rewards. Retro University offers ongoing training and support that can be accessed at any time by our Franchisees and employees.

Locally Owned Franchise Club

One of the strong advantages of being a Franchisee with us is that Retro Fitness clubs are locally owned and operated. Our Franchisees can connect with both small business owners and local consumers, which allows the community to enjoy the plentiful services and capabilities of a national brand while supporting other business owners.

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